Certified Athletic Training

Athletic Training Services at North Spokane Physical & Sports Therapy
On-Site Athletic Trainer (AT) Outreach/Sports Medicine services

NSPST offers athletic training services to area amateur and professional athletes of all ages. We partner with Spokane Public Schools to provide on-site athletic training services at Rogers High School, North Central High School and Shadle Park High School. Our AT’s work to protect the best interest of the kids they serve, acting as liaisons between student-athletes and their coaches to help ensure that the student athlete’s health comes first.
Our athletic trainers take part in many community wellness and sport events, and they are also available on a fee-for-service basis to cover a wide range of athletic activities. We provide medical coverage at regional sporting events and at sports camps. We tailor our services to the specific needs of the participants and organizers at each of these events.
Whether you require short-term athletic training services for a specific sport or long-term/more permanent services, our talented staff is ready to accommodate your needs. Our staff is prepared to:

Medical Fitness Services
Our AT’s provide their services to all types of people – not just athletes participating in sports. If you are looking to utilize healthy eating habits, exercise and movement to lose weight, manage a chronic health condition, or otherwise improve your health, our AT’s can assist you through our Medical Fitness services. Don’t let a past injury or other health concern limit your ability to improve your health!
NSPST Athletic Performance Enhancement Programs
Summer and one-to-two day programs are designed to help middle, high-school, and collegiate student-athletes increase their overall athletic performance while avoiding injuries. Participants improve agility, explosiveness, core stability, and overall functional strength and conditioning, while learning proper sports technique and body mechanics. Our programs are designed to meet the unique needs of young athletes through age-appropriate training, proper technique, and use of clear, understandable language to educate them about sports and related health issues. Additionally, we promote healthy eating habits and physical activity as a life-long habit.
Our AT’s are licensed health care providers, NATABOC certified and athletic training is recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as a health care profession. Licensed and certified athletic trainers scope of practice includes the following five domains:

Contact us: For information about our performance camps, athletic training services at your sporting event, medical fitness, or any other questions you may have regarding our various programs and services, please contact Heidi Peterson AT/L at 509 869-7996 or by email hjpatc@gmail.com