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"Small behavior changes over time create healthy lifestyles"

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Health Coaching

Our coaching promotes a long-term healthy lifestyle through incremental, easy attainable steps. These individualized programs were developed to help you lose weight the healthy way. Our staff consists of certifies health coaches, a physical therapist and a medical director. We offer a wide variety of programs that are personalized to fit you.

Please contact us for a free 15 minute consultation. Ask about the only genetic weight loss program that resets you metabolism back to a 25 year old. We look forward to helping you live a healthy, happy, energized life.






Employee Wellness
Together, we can change the world, “…one scan at a time”

Mission Statement
At Corporate Health Alliance, a division of North Spokane Physical and Sports Therapy, we recognize the importance of nutritional health. Our mission is to provide integrated nutritional health solutions for individuals, corporations and organizations and create healthier work environments that protect businesses’ greatest asset – it’s employees, through our core values of Quality, Innovation, Science and Teamwork

The Benefits….A Top Down Approach

Sources: Katherine Baicker, David Cutler and Zirui Song of Harvard University.  New Roots Herbal and the Q Group.
The Biophotonic Scanner is the only noninvasive means of measuring your antioxidants (nutritional profile) at a cellular level. We are the measureable difference.